Friday, June 10, 2005

why is the last mile the hardest mile?

okay, we're home, and it feels good.

after clovis, we went to alamagordo and tularosa, and my wife got sick. puking, cold chills, aching everywhere sick. the first day, the kids and i spent in the room trying to leave her alone and see if she would feel better. nope.

so the next couple days the boys and i went to visit some of the people we could hook up with, so that our friends would get to see at least the kids.

sorry to all those we weren't able to visit.

after a couple of days, my wife wasn't getting any better and decided she needed to go to the er. they pumped her full of penecillan and god knows what else, and we decided fuck it, we're going home.

by the time we got to albuquerque, she was feeling better, and we did a little visit with a couple of our friends there. but that took it back out of her, and off we went.

so last night we got home late, exhausted, and wore out. several observations from the road:

semis should not be allowed to pass. ever. period.

times i heard rob thomas' new tune on the radio in rural areas between cities: 24.

gwen stefani and will smith both have new tunes out that are just basically a repeated drumbeat with them singing over. is this the future of music? cause if so, count me the fuck out! at least hip hoppers and rappers sample some other stuff or have girls adding backing vocals or something.

i played cat-and-mouse with a lady in a white minivan with a million kids from nevada. she passed me. then a mile or two later she would have slowed down, and i would end up passing her again. back and forth. back and forth. i finally was like, "what the fuck's her deal?!?" and drove like a bat out of hell to leave her behind once and for all.

as we were nearing home, and driving 410 through chinook pass, we rounded the corner to a long line of stopped cars. of course my initial reaction was "what the fuck? we are never getting home!" it appeared as if there was some kind of accident or maybe a problem with the road up ahead. i thought we were going to be there waiting forever.

as it turned out, we were just waiting on another park ranger to direct traffic, so we were only sitting there for a few minutes. but as we went through, i was horrified by what i saw. it appeared as if someone driving a midsize sedan drove themselves straight into a tree. i didn't look really close, cause i hate rubber neckers, and because they were waving us through pretty quickly, but the entire passenger side was smashed in. my wife and i spent a long time quiet, thinking our own thoughts about mortality. my thoughts go out to the passengers and their families.

and then every light between there and home seemed timed to turn red as we approached. the closer we got to home, the harder it seemed to actually get there. the kids were excited to be home, and my wife and i were glad to arrive safely.

if i think of more stuff i think would be good to share, i'll post it later. in the meantime, take care of one another.

darth sardonic


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