Sunday, June 19, 2005

everyone's worried about 30...

i keep forgetting that i am even older than that.

34 today, father's day.

had a big birthday bash yesterday jointly with j and another buddy q. q's birthday was yesterday, and j's was on the thirteenth.

but here's the thing, the average age of persons invited to the birthday party was 26. the only person older than myself was my buddy s, who i think turns 35 later this year. but we don't look it, we don't even act it. and i seriously don't get what the big deal is about being 30. everyone is like, "oh my god, i'm gonna be 30!!" so what? big deal. you're just getting started at 30. with what we know about health and medicine, people are living much longer, and staying healthy and fit longer into their elder years, so the thirties are like the new twenties.

having said that, i got drunk on gin and tonic (and one jagerbomb, thanks alot q for introducing me to robitussin without the cherry, next time bring sterno), philosophized loudly (my wife and i laugh that you know i am getting tipsy when i start yelling as part of my normal conversation) with m and s about the ecology, why pot should be legal, and a bunch of stuff i don't remember, ate an insanely good spread of food laid out by my wife, tried to convince my wife and our friend (f) a to get naked, and almost succeeded in convincing (m) dc to get naked instead. their kids and our kids ran around and wore themselves out, and overall it was a great time. the guests petered out, and i got myself to bed by bouncing myself off the walls like a pinball, and slept.

not too shabby for my 34th. i think my wife is sending me to austin to visit an old friend for a couple days, and that will be combo bday and father's day present.

well, to those fathers out there, happy father's.

darth sardonic


Blogger Mme. A. said...

Happy Father's Day, Happy Birthday. Here in Brazil Father's Day is every second Sunday in August.

Well, I think most people worry about turning 30 because that's exactly when you are supposed to become a real adult, have kids, buy a house. But what most people don't understand is that you don't necessarily have to live up to other people's standards, that you can have your own, which I think would be more correct, given that you're the only one who can know what is right for you or not. I'm 30 and I'm fine. This year I will turn 31 and I will be fine too.

But, since I am a woman, I can't help but fall in the same commonplace preocupations like wrinkles, cellulitis and what-not. But thankfully it's just a phase and -- which is better -- I am blond, so the only kind of memory I have is short-term, so all my worries are gone in fifteen seconds or less.

Hmm... What am I talking about?


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