Saturday, May 05, 2007

no quise matar

no soy malo de naturaleza...

heh heh. such a stupid and random thing to begin my post with today. for some reason i remembered it this morning. i guess, you know, cause it is cinco de mayo and all.


i was in a little town called rojas where everyone seemed to be related and where the dogs were all diseased or dying. my roommate and i were in our little apartment, just messing around, and i began to sing morrissey's "last of the famous international playboys" when out of the blue i translate the line "i did not want to kill, i am not naturally evil" on the fly and hey, presto, it fits exactly with the music.

we must've laughed for an hour, and for months to follow, we would sing, out of the blue, "no quise matar, no soy malo de naturaleza."

and since no one around here celebrates el 16 de septiembre or el 9 de julio, and since i'm unsure as to what goes into a cairapino, i am going to go with el cinco de mayo, and tequila shots.

so to you and yours, que les pase bien!

darth sardonic

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