Monday, October 08, 2007

my major influences

because i am feeling fairly uninspired today, and because this kind of stuff keeps popping into my head lately, and sometimes it is just fun to post something that is a kind of "getting to know you" kinda thing, some of my major life influences:


salvador dali, richard corben, monet, stan lee, m.c. escher, boris vallejo, goya, frank frazetta, vincent van gogh.


e.e. cummings, anais nin, william s. burroughs, franz kafka, j.r.r. tolkein, allen ginsberg, george orwell, anthony burgess, jack kerouac, henry miller.


terry gilliam, david lynch, ridley scott, david cronenberg, luis bunuel, george lucas.


joy division, peter murphy, the cure, skinny puppy, nirvana, the smiths, bauhaus, alkaline trio, codiene, the mighty mighty bosstones, einsturzended neubauten, the ramones, the bolshoi.


dickies, converse all-stars, carhartts, doc martens, vans.


motrin, tangueray, sony, bettie page, honda, jose cuervo, sesame street, fender, jack daniels, argentina, mr. rogers, gibson, seattle, sushi, coffee, crate.

god i am a lazy fucker. hope to have a proper post for all of you, the beloved non-existant readers, pronto.

until then:

darth sardonic


Blogger Mme. A. said...

thank you for the regular comments. and i must say that i will have to come back tomorrow to leave a proper one here. there are so many complementary influences between you and me that it would take me forever. and being a very unfair bitch, i must confess that sooner or later i will copy your post and write something similar in my blog, ok?

yes, i hate uppercases when i'm commenting. go figure. ha. the things that only happen in my brain.


8:42 PM  
Blogger Pixie said...

lists are just so entertaining.... well at least for the person whos writen them!!

1:13 PM  

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