Friday, October 15, 2004

gay marriage

remember, becoming canadian is an option.

this past weekend, my wife and i went down to portland to spend time with my sister-in-law, and mother-in-law. i saw a huge amount of bumper stickers that said, "one man, one woman, yes on 36". i guess measure 36 is an amendment to oregon's constitution making same-sex marriages illegal.

now, the biggest arguments against gay marriage that i have heard have all been religious, and not, i might add, a representation of the majority of all religions, just the "moral majority". (and if i was linda richman, i would say, "the moral majority is neither moral, nor the majority, discuss!")

the sad-but-true is that this is a civil rights issue. once upon a time, women were not allowed to vote, african americans were not allowed to vote, they weren't even allowed to drink from the same water fountain.

gay couples (and i know a few, and they've all been married longer than the majority of marriages in christian churches that i know of) only want the same things that my wife and i have come to think of as our rights as a married couple. if i pass away, all my insurance and belongings etc automatically go to my wife. it's not something she will have to fight for, she's considered my next of kin. if one of my friends m and g passes, god forbid, and they own a business together, who gets it? under the current thinking, i'm not sure that the other would get what they were due. medically, my wife can make decisions on my behalf. legally, my wife can make decisions on my behalf. my wife and i get a discount on insurance because we're married. marriage is little more than a legal document, really, when you think about it. now, i know, the christian right-wingers are running around saying that marriage is an institution of god. maybe so, but which one? people were getting married in japan while the isrealites were still making bricks for the egyptians. people were getting married in india, and i'm pretty sure their gods could give a rat's red ass about homosexuals, matter of fact, i think it was encouraged if it was the thing that gave you pleasure. so which god, since people have been getting married for as long as we have had recorded history, with disregard for geographical location or religious preference?

and not all religions feel the way christians do about homosexuals. not even all the christian sects feel that way. so why would we make a blanket decision based on one religious way of thinking? this country was founded on seperation of church and state, and if we toss that away, we will find that we are like the countries of the middle east(i pick that comparison, since those are the people we're currently being told to hate--when we're not hating gays).

and now let me tackle the last argument, that marriage is a "sacred and ancient" union between a man and a woman. read your bible. how many wives did solomon have? when abraham's wife wasn't bearing him a son, he had sex with her handmaid. this happened alot actually, in the old testament, which is the same part of the bible that is most against homosexuality(there are only a couple of references in the new testament, and none of them are quoted from jesus himself). you can't pick parts of the bible to agree with, and throw the rest out. if it is going to be your rock, then you gotta stick by it. the problem is you don't fcuking read it! you let a pastor, or preacher, or reverend, or whoever, who is no doubt a little power-mad, tell you what he sees, and you take his word for it. but i digress. not only is marriage a cloudy, and unclear thing in the bible, it is a nebulous thing if you follow it through it's "ancient" history. royalty frequently married first cousins to keep the bloodline pure. this is currently illegal. many men throughout history (not just the aforementioned old testament prophets) have had more than one wife. this is currently illegal in our country as well. in greece, young men married themselves to older, wealthier men to learn a trade. in great britain, there is a looney fucker i saw on the news who is married to his horse! so if you're going to talk about the sacred and ancient edifice of marriage between a man and a woman, then you only make yourself look like an idiot to those of us who know a little history.

and how is my marriage lessoned, or affected if someone who lives in another town, or across the street, or even right fucking next door wants to marry someone of the same sex? their marriage has fuck-all to do with mine. so i say, let them be happy, and if getting married will make them happy, then by god(and yes, i said "by god"--who would like us all to be happy!), let them! it's not hurting me, or you, or anyone else for that matter.

and that's all i've got to say 'bout that.

darth sardonic


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Thank you. I like being agreed with.

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