Thursday, October 07, 2004

new music sucks, part two

i have liked the radio station known round this area as "the end" since they got their beginning. i have faithfully listened anytime i was back within reception area.

until now.

recently, "the end" made a music declaration, or some such nonsense. one of the manifesto-like statements says "we will play all the good songs on an album, not just the hit singles." okay, here's why that one isn't true. the only song i know by interpol is "slow hand". the only songs i know by the killers are the two that get played and played and played on the radio. if i hadn't seen a concert of the yeah yeah yeahs on tv, i wouldn't know any of their other songs, besides the "they-don't-love-you-like-i-love-you" song.

another of the declarations states, "we will not keep playing the same songs over and over again." aaannnt! wrong! we're sorry, the answer we were looking for was: the other day, i had occasion to spend roughly six hours listening to the radio in the car. in that six hours, i heard interpol's "slow hand" twice. i heard the new(boring) song by the killers, twice. what's funny about that is recently they wanted us, the listener, to vote on the songs we wanted to hear on the end. so they played their entire catalogue, in alphabetical order, back-to-back. 1200 songs. that's right, ladies and gents, your ears and eyes do not decieve you. 1200 fucking songs! and apparently not a good one in the bunch, because they had to break a rule of their own constitution to play two new songs twice within a six-hour period.

what i find even funnier is, as they played those 1200 songs, i heard songs i love that i've rarely or never heard on the end. "stamp" by hagfish. those fuckers have a copy of "stamp" and aren't playing it more?!? "bela lugosi's dead" which is, of course, the only song they have by bauhaus. the only joy division song they have is "love will tear us apart" and they don't play that one nearly enough. i didn't hear anything by new order, and lots of stuff by depeche mode that they never play. they have a handful of smiths tunes, but i only hear "how soon is now?" which is, in my opinion, not one of the better ones. so they have all this good music, and we get an hourly dose of pearl jam, nirvana, alice in chains, and/or soundgarden. now, don't get me wrong, i love all those bands, alot. but, c'mon, man, when you've got songs ranging all over the alternative scene, and you call yourself an alternative station, then play them. it should be noted here that they have nothing by fugazi or minor threat, only one song by ministry, nothing by front 242 or skinny puppy, jesus and the mary chain, midge ure, the exploited, and only one song by black flag.

and nearly all the new music they play sounds like coldplay. end of story.

but i happen to know that there are bands out there that are good. that are influenced by the old alternative bands. that, at least in my worthless opinion, are the future of alternative music. bands like thrice, poison the well, atreyu, taking back sunday, and the mother of all cool-ass new bands, thursday. yet these guys get absolutely no air play on the end at all!

so, no, not all new music sucks, but, to paraphrase matt dillon's character in "singles", i ask, "where is the 'jeremy' for our time? where is the 'new dawn fades', the 'smothered hope', the 'she's in parties' of our youth?"

well, the answer can be found within "understanding in a car crash". or "cigarette machine" (tee hee, i couldn't resist!)

darth sardonic


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