Monday, November 08, 2004

the 18th, and 21st Amendments, respectively

well, i have taken some time off to be depressed, and lick my wounds, and while i'm sure that ensuing blogs from this quarter will be fraught with rantings against bush and the conservative christian right-wingers, and stupid, gullible people, i offer to those, like myself, who are dreading the next four years, a ray of hope.

yes, i am sure that bush, backed by a nearly all-republican house, senate, and judiciary branch, will attempt to steal most of our "inalienable" rights. as long as we fight any 1984ish movements, everything else is fixable. let me explain.

in 1920, the us passed the 18th amendment to the constitution. the 18th amendment was prohibition. making alcohol illegal. an actual amendment to the constitution.

now, i know that even dubya himself would think that was a dumb idea. and it was.

hence the 21st amendment, an amendment repealing the 18th amendment. the only time in our history that an amendment was made to repeal another amendment. so far...

senator andrew j. volstead, the christian, conservative, right-wing nutjob behind the creation of the 18th amendment, said, after it was passed; "they can never repeal it." funny, a rep from utah was quoted as saying a very similar thing about the gay marriage decisions in the 11 states that had that on the ballot.

so dubya can outlaw gay marriage, return women to back-alley coathanger abortions, make stem-cell research illegal, and a number of other dumb shit, fueled by the so-called "moral majority" and whatever other close-minded right wing motherfuckers want to back him, and as long as he doesn't make an amendment that appoints him dictator-for-life of the united states of america(and if he tries, i will personally shoot his dumb ass myself!!), we can fix it. as long as we vote for real in four years.

now, i'm gonna go have a gin-and-tonic to toast the possibilities that exist in four years... because i can.

darth sardonic


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