Wednesday, November 03, 2004

getting shitfaced for democracy

o my beloved readers, droogs, and only friends...

it appears that evil bush jr is being handed the lead of our country again. i cannot convey to you how depressed i am this morning. yes, there's still the off-chance that ohio might turn things around, but i think that even if it did, we'll somehow or other end up with bush as pres. look at last election!

i'm not actually drinking, as the title might suggest, it's too early and i have kids to take care of, but i really wish i was. all the damage that bush has already done, i can't imagine the damage he will do with another four years.

so, my readers, and droogies, break out your favorite hard alcohol, and fill a glass, and raise a toast: "to another four years of fear and uncertainty!" i can say one thing, dubya has been extremely entertaining, so if i don't have a heart-attack from how much dubya pisses me off, the next four years should be fun, in a haunted-house-at-the-carnival kind of way.

well, i've got shit to do today, and let's face it, life goes on whether bush or some other lying sack of shit is at the helm or not.

and i know that i have joked about becoming canadian, and as much as that idea appeals to me, my friend h, who has been my pal for an incredibly long time, and usually says the right thing when i need it, said of becoming an expatriot, "that would leave this country to the dubyas." and she's right, and i just can't do that.

so i'll stay here to fight the powers that be, and hopefully make a difference for the future.

darth sardonic


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