Thursday, October 28, 2004

one more thought on gay marriage...

just a quick one folks, something that just occured to me and i don't wanna forget it.

the main reason that people are against same-sex marriages is that homosexuality is a sin, right? isn't adultery a pretty big sin too? why isn't any legislation being levied against men and women who have sex out of wedlock? or against married people who have affairs?

simple, most of our politicians would be doing hard time, that's why. probably even dubya (i'm not implying he sleeps around on his wife, but i bet somewhere along the line, he had sex with some people he wasn't married to!!)

so i think we should quit being such fucking hippocrites, cause again, you can't latch on to part of a dogma and accept it, without accepting the whole kit and kaboodle.

darth sardonic


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