Thursday, October 21, 2004

20 reasons to hate bush jr...

i cannot accept writing credit for these, they are taken verbatem from the the liner notes of "rock against bush vol 1."(i'll add smartass comments in parentheses)

1. the national debt under bush jr. has increased so drastically that the average american's estimated share of national debt will be an astronomical $24,000--compared to $500 when dubya first took office.
2. under bush hr. there are now 43 million americans with no health insurance.
3. responsible for an unemployment rate of 6%. there are now 9 million people out of work in america--3.3 million more than when bush took office.
4. he cut healthcare benefits for war veterans. (this one really pisses me off. he sends young men and women off to die in a useless war, and benefits for the ones who come home tore up are cut to almost nothing!)
5. bush jr. deserted his unit during vietnam and was reportedly awol for over a year from his assigned unit: the texas air national guard, or as it's referred to by other military outfits, the "champagne division". (i have the skinny on this one, he was suspended for failing to show up for a mandatory physical exam. but cocaine was illegal then, and they might've noticed, right? also, supposedly, he was campaigning for his father. i should run for office of some kind and convince my wife's unit i need her help for a year. i may not win, but i would definitely catch up on sleep, and i hear aruba is nice this year...)
6. despite a 13% unemployment rate among those aged 16-24, bush jr. proposed to eliminate youth opportunity grants--a program that provides job training to the nation's youth. a $225m program in 2002 is now being done away with so bush can have more money for iraq.(bush is for the family, yeah right! fucker!!)
7. he cut funding for 375,000 low income college students and reduced pell grant amounts to such a severe degree that it effectively caused 84,000 students to no longer be eligible for pell grants. pell amounts have been overall reduced for 1.5 million's safe to say that the bush daughters aren't eleigible for financial aid, so this won't affect the opulent lives of anyone bush jr. may know. (but it affects the lives of numerous people i know!)
8. withdrew from the international criminal court.
9. first president in us history to refuse united nations election inspectors (during the 2002 u.s. elections).
10. all-time u.s. (and world) record holder for most corporate campaign donations.
11. the bush administration had twice as many fbi agents fighting the drug war than fighting terrorism prior to 9/11. even after 9/11, more than 2,000 fbi agents are wasting their valuable time assigned to the war on drugs.
12. his proposed "free trade" agreements would result in the loss of u.s. jobs to foreign markest and the exploitation of third world workers. (someone once sent me a forward about kerry being tied to foreign jobs through the heinz corporation. yeah, well, my shirts, turns out, are made in mexico and indonesia, as i imagine most of your clothes are as well. an interesting point is that dubya owns stock, and sits on the board of a multinational conglomerate that was one of the few companies that stood to benefit from 9/11. cheney is the president of another.)
13. john ashcroft. (omfg! i could go on and on about this fucking two-week-old fuckstain, and his disregard for the lives of others in foriegn countries, foriegn policy, or anything not related to the bible or dubya. this boy is one of the worst offenders for making u.s. citizens look like we are above any law or protocol in this world, because god will vindicate us. woa, sounds a little like osama bin laden and the al queida, huh?)
14. he has takend 11 official executive actions to undermine reproductive long will it be before a woman is stripped of her right to choose? (don't ya know? in the bible, women are only baby-machines, and are subject to their husbands wants and desires at all times.)
15. failed to fulfill pledge to get osama bin laden "dead or alive" (didn't even send enough troops. turns out there's more cops in manhatten than troops in afghanistan. and he could've detained bin laden family members in the us after 9/11, for questioning, but sent them home instead--matter of fact, there is so much shit related to this that i will need to dedicate a blog to it alone.)
16. wasted feceral resources on a pr trip to baghdad where he staged a thanksgiving meal at 6 am with troops that were screened based on their political affiliation. and the turkey? it was a prop. (!!!--oh, he's talking about the thanksgiving dinner being fake. i thought he was referring to our president!)
17. his refusal to fire--or even reprimand--lt. general jerry "our god is bigger than their god" boykin. perhaps it's because boykin said of the president "george bush was not elected by a majority of voters in the united states. he was appointed by god. he's in the white house because god put him there." (apparently al gore is the antichrist)
18. after sending troops off to die in an unjust and unprovoked war, he still has yet to attend any soldiers' funerals.
19. his shameless nepotism for the rich and powerful. elizabeth cheney (daughter of ol' dick) got hooked up with a cool gig at the state department where she was in charge of the $129 million middle east partnership initiative and then was moved over to daddy and uncle dubya's campaign payroll.
20. he dropped his dog on its head.

more tomorrow.

spread the word, something needs to change, and quick!

darth sardonic


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