Friday, December 03, 2004

birth control

in a time when the head of the fda, appointed by bush, who is, as we've already established, a motherfucker with a god complex, is trying to do away with all forms of birth control, my wife constantly finds stories that would make it seem like we need it more than ever.

you know the stories: mother cuts off baby daughter's arms, father pleads guilty to torturing his two kids, mother shoots children, father leaves 8-month-old in car in 120 degree weather, mother leaves daughter on porch to starve.

my wife tells me these stories all the time. i'm not sure if there is a rise in these kinds of occurances or if i am just made more conscious of them now that i have children of my own. when i used to hear these stories, i used to say, "that fucking sucks." now, no matter what the story, i suddenly imagine no.1 or no. 2 in the situation described. i can't help it. and it makes me physically ill.

so, i think it's time for some kind of testing before you have kids. this sounds horribly harsh, i know, and it is possible that i myself may have failed some kind of psychological test before having kids. but this shit is fucking crazy!! if we can't prevent them from having kids, then they should have whatever they did to their children done to them.

you cut your kid's arms off, fuck you you fucking cunt, i'll cut your fucking arms off, and leave you to bleed to death. starve your kid to death, i'll fucking nail your feet to the floor! pull your kids' toenails out and make them eat dog feces! i'll do all that to you, and then beat your fucking shitty head in with a baseball bat, you fucking cocksucker! i'm sick to death of these atrocities!

now, i know that some have blamed post-partum depression. and i understand first of all, that i have absolutely no concept of what that must be like. but women have been dealing with it for eons. my wife dealt with it. so i would recommend tossing out that argument altogether. now, if the legions of women readers i have(yeah right), feel that's unfair, then i would love to be commented on and hear your post-partum depression stories. i'm open on that one.

otherwise, i think it's time to start fucking these people up in such a way that this rubbish will end! when no. 1 went in for a minor surgery, i was so distraught, i had dreams where he died and i woke up bawling. i haven't done that since i was like eight. that is an approximation of normal parenthood. i may not be the best dad ever, but i will walk through the dank pits of hell for my kids. these people obviously feel nothing for their offspring, and should be completely removed from society, or life, even.

but that's just what i think, and i'm an asshole.

darth sardonic


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