Wednesday, November 17, 2004

here comes sickness...

we are ill.

i mean, really fucking ill. it started with no. 2, who is most susceptible, and gets ill in a way that keeps him up all night and makes him sleep all day. even when he's asleep, he's so snotty he keeps me awake cause his breathing annoys me.

no. 1 gets it only bad enough to make me chase him around all day trying to wipe his nose. it doesn't seem to slow him down at all. which makes the fact that no. 2 is doing the majority of his resting during the day a real pain, since i can't rest at the same time.

and i only get sick enough to make me fucking miserable. the house feels way too cold, my throat hurts, and that combined with a lack of sleep make me want to crawl into some dark, warm, fuzzy hole somewhere and sleep until i feel better.

but since i can't do that, i'm gonna go curl up in my favorite chair and hope to feel better before no. 2's therapist gets here.

darth sardonic


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