Thursday, November 18, 2004

i'm still ill...

under the iron bridge we kissed, and although i ended up with sore lips, it just wasn't like the old days anymore, and i'm still ill

or something like that. it's actually been a bit since i've listened to that song.

anyways, no. 1 is decidedly better, meaning he's going to run around like a maniac today. no. 2 slept through the entire night, after staying up till 10:00, which means he's probably going to be maniacal today as well.

and i'm better but still tired and a little under the weather. the wife is in full-on feel-like-shit alert.

isn't it wonderful how families share everything?

on another note, you beloved readers remember "school house rock"? i used to love that about saturday morning cartoons. so we bought a dvd so our kids could experience it as well.

well, this morning i told my wife that i think that dvd is going to disappear for a while, cause i can only handle so much "conjunction junction" or "interplanet janet". mr. morton walked down the street/mr. morton walked. mr. morton talked to his cat/mr. morton talked. mr. morton went insane/mr. morton went. mr. morton killed everyone in his neighborhood with an axe/mr. morton killed.

you can see it's beginning to take it's toll on me if the lovable and shy mr. morton, in my mind, goes out and kills everyone. i think he's working his way over to "the shot hear 'round the world" so he can kill paul revere and forever change the course of our history.

okay, yes, i have gone off the deep end. without a doubt. i need more coffee.

i'm out.

darth sardonic


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