Sunday, November 14, 2004


just touching base because i haven't written since i remembered the 18th amendment and got happy because nothing that bush does is necessarily permanent.

mainly just wanted to let you know i'm not dead, and i don't even have a really good excuse. (wish i did, don't). sarah jane and my pal a are up visiting this weekend, and they managed to fanagle my blog site to have a counter(looks like i've had a ton of people dropping by, but actually it was all us checking to see if we had gotten the links to friends' blogs right.

boy, when we got that nailed down, it made me sad to see just how few blogging friends i have.

i'm just a loser i guess.

darth sardonic


Blogger Mother Hoodlum said...

You aren't a loser! Im still reading, and with what little time I have to do so these days, that's saying something.

2:30 PM  

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