Saturday, December 04, 2004

welcome to the fold

hey all you out there in nonexistant readerville, i've added a new "pal" to my link list cause one can never have too many "pals", and i seem to have too few, so...

sorcha's an old-school goth(hey, i was one of those once!), who is dealing with getting older and becoming disenchanted with the scene. i can relate, i did that quite a bit as i got older.

anyways, she has an uncanny knack for the literary, and i love her style.

actually, i love all you guys for your own inimitable styles, or you wouldn't be in my link list, so big group hug, and give yourselves pats on the back, or gin-and-tonics, or spliffs, or whatever makes ya feel good about y'self.

darth sardonic


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