Friday, January 14, 2005

how to win hearts and make friends

well, okay, we all know that that's bullshit, but it's my crazy-ass way of saying that i have added yet another pal to my link list of pals. and i definitely suggest checking out this guy, he's funny, and he has downloaded some of his original music for our listening pleasure. and it's good stuff.

and if your imagination is good, and the gods smile on us, while you're listening to his tunes, try and imagine yours truly on bass in the background, cause he's interested, and so am i. so we gotta make it happen!

oh, and mother hoodlum, we'll probably need a drummer too, so you're gonna have to sell off some of your nightmare before christmas stuff to buy rick a drumset. (different rick, rick. boy, that could get confusing. of course, we could name our band 2 ricks and a dave. nevermind, that sucks.) just kidding.

again, anywaaaaaayyysss.

darth sardonic


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