Friday, December 31, 2004

hope you all have a good one...

just a quick one today, wishing you all a happy new year and don't get too drunk. we will be partying with a few friends at our pad, watching "i, robot" and possibly an MST3K flick i just got from netflix, drinking, and just hanging out. my buddy s calls it "geek's night in".

be safe all my droogies and only friends, cause the crazies and the drunkies are gonna be out and probably driving and all that shit, so take care of yourselves.

and hey, mother hoodlum, my wife and i had a blast at your place yesterday, and anthony's the cutest! say hey to rick for me and we will get together with both of you (me possibly equipped with stringed instruments!) sometime in the very near future.

and i know that a little time has passed since i last wrote, but when i'm not busy, i also don't have the energy to write, and i can't be funny all the time. sheesh. demanding bastards.

darth sardonic


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