Tuesday, January 11, 2005

personality test (and yes, it proves i have none!)

i was going to put this personality test thing that got emailed to me in here. you know, it's one of those ask a million questions, some stupid, some sorta funny, and most simply annoying, in an attempt to get to know ya, only it was taking too fucking long and most of the questions were dumb, so okay, i've decided to create my own.

1.) what's yer name? darth sardonic, which denotes: a.) that i am a card-carrying member of the "dark lord of the sith" club, though i'm not sure why, as i'm not at all adept at using a lightsaber, and am only slightly embedded in the dark side of the force, and b.) a smartass with a kinda cynical and dark world's eye view. and in case you were wondering, no, it does not say "darth sardonic" on my driver's license, but i'm not gonna give you my real name.

2.) name two bands that you love and any bands that they may have spawned. joy division, which became new order upon the death of ian curtis and the subsequent hiring of gillian(i can't remember her last name.), then peter hook, the bassist, left to make revenge, and bernard sumner dabbled with electronic and 808 state, while gillian and the drummer, who's name has now slipped my mind, made a band called the other two. clever, eh? and bauhaus, which broke up, leaving peter murphy to go solo, while the others made, at different times, and with different combinations, the bubblemen(have fun finding their album, it's virtually impossible to locate, and is on vinyl only, but if you do find it, burn me a copy, please?), tones on tail, and love and rockets, before both david j and daniel ash went on to solo careers, with considerably less success than mr. murphy did. kevin haskins is probably still playing the drums and being goofy somewhere, and is probably old enough to drink now, as he, judging by the liner pictures in my bauhaus albums, was like 12 when the band broke up.

3.) what bothers you most? stupid people, and especially stupid people who cram their opinions down your throat unsolicited, and the fact that it's the 21st century and we still don't have flying cars or maid robots. all that money and time spent on fixing the y2k thing, and no one was even worried about the fact that in the sixties and seventies we were more or less promised flying cars and robot maids. jesus!

and finally, 4.) if you were a comb in somebody's back pocket and you fell out onto the sidewalk, would you want it to be summer or winter, and why? summer, cause the sidewalk would be nice and toasty warm, and i could lay out in the sun, and since i'm a "goody", i'm virtually indestructible, so i think it would be a fun adventure. sides, i didn't really like it in that guy's back pocket, as he was not real good with the personal hygiene thing, and his wallet was always digging into my side.

well, fuck, if you don't know anything about me now, then you're a hopeless case.

darth sardonic
"bringing the insanity to you, one blog at a time."


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