Thursday, December 23, 2004

may the force be with you 'n' stuff

just received my christmas present from my mom, and as hoped, it was the star wars trilogy on dvd. yes, she gave me my present early. i was over at her house last night, and she gave us our presents and they weren't wrapped and that just how we do things in my family. so shut up so i can finish.

so this morning i decided to sit down and watch a new hope and see if i couldn't recapture the feel of watching that movie for the very first time in '78. (i didn't see it in '77 actually, i caught it when it was rereleased in the theatres for a second run.)

there were numerous things that made it impossible to relive it quite like it was twenty-odd years ago.

first, i wasn't viewing it from a vinyl backseat, with my mom's head framing it on one side, and her boyfriend of the time's head framing it on the other. there wasn't that scratchy and one-dimensional quality to the sound that you get by putting a metallic 4"x4" speaker on the driver's side window.

i didn't have to pee at the scene where luke and han have a laser battle between the millenium falcon and several tie fighters. which means i got to watch it in its entirety.

i wasn't sucking down hot tamales almost as fast as i could get them in my mouth, only spilling maybe fifty on the floor to become part of the organic bouillebaise that spread across the cheap carpeting of mom's pinto.

due to the age and knowledge difference, certain things that seemed so special to me in '78 were "tainted" or "corrupted".

like when i was seven, i thought princess leia was "pretty". i didn't think i'd like to lock myself in her cell with her for about 20 minutes before rescuing her. also, in '78, i hadn't even noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra for the majority of the movie, and that her make-up looked like subdued disco-queen make-up. dancin' woo, dancin' woo, dance the night away. i also wasn't creeped out by her repeated kisses with luke "for luck", cause we all thought, at the time, that they were sure to hook up, not that they were brother and sister. i also wasn't aware of the impending coke addiction and subsequent lack of a career.

i hadn't become aware of just how fucking whiney luke was yet. he might later save the entire galaxy, but right this moment, i was having trouble imagining him being even remotely as centered as ben kenobi. i also didn't know he too would have a major lack of career.

han, the coolest character in the world, turned out later to be rumored as a personality that harrison ford "hated". i am devastated by this rumor. but i also feel then, that harrison ford must've hated indiana jones, since the two of them seem closely related. but in that chilly back seat in '78, i had no way of knowing that han solo would move on to liberate the arc of the covenant, slay a few "skinjobs", battle terrorists in a plane, drown his lover to keep her from blowing the whistle to his wife, save a town, and especially a little boy, from some bad cops, all while winning the skeptical hearts of the people, get shot in the head and completely change his outlook on life (a movie which still makes me cry), matter of fact, out of all the movies that i consider to be my all-time favorites and to have had the biggest influence on my life, harrison ford stars in all but a little trilogy filmed in australia. and i personally feel that harrison ford would've made a bad-ass max rockatanski, as well.

then of course, there is the added footage, which i don't hate, but makes it hard to fully recapture the feel of the original as viewed through a dirty windshield.

what i did get to see, was no. 1's reaction. it's the first time he's seen it when he was old enough to appreciate all the spaceships and battles. and while i can never feel the way i felt at the starliter so long ago, each and every time i watch it it's a new experience. plus, watching my kid be fascinated by the same things that fascinated me made it special and new.

so i'm in the mood to say to all of you, "live long, and pr--"

shit, that's not it. fuck, hang on. dammit. what'd i do wi-- ah, here it is.

"may the force be with you."

darth sardonic


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