Thursday, December 16, 2004

random shit

so, no. 2 has grown three inches and gained four pounds since he started the growth hormone in august. prior to starting the hormones, he had grown about a quarter-inch in six months, and actually lost weight. yay! and he currently takes 11 steps before he sits on his ass.

no. 1 is sick, and threw up all over the couch this morning. good thing it was already a piece of shit. poor kid, he didn't look like he felt good, but he was looking really unhappy after throwing up. now, of course, he is tearing around like a maniac and you would have a hard time telling he had thrown up only a couple of hours ago. boy, isn't my life fun?

in other news, yesterday i got fritz the cat from netflix (and, no, netflix does not pay me royalties, but they are just so damn cool that i don't mind tossing a little free advertising their way.) i got it cause it's one of those "cult classics" that they (whoever that really is) told me i need to see. it fucking sucked. it was just a dumb animated hunk of tripe that dealt with counterculture sentiments of the sixties. bleah!! if i had known, i would've given it a pass. maybe if i had lived through the sixties, i might've liked it more, but probably not. it's based on a robert crumb comic, and while it's ultracool to dig r. crumb (especially for a punk nerd like myself), lets face it, i only get about half of the shit he does. so if you like r. crumb, and can make sense out of everything he does, then check the movie out (though it's not actually him animating, and i like his art more than anything else he does).

some other movies that i have picked up from netflix that fall into the "cult-classic must-see" category are: caligula--this was originally rated x, and there's a reason. it has actual hard-core imagery several times throughout the movie. it has some very sexy parts, and then has some very disturbing parts. it's got malcolm macdowell, who is a disturbing motherfucker at best. overall, i gave it a 3 outta 5. the story of o--oh my god, this was dull in the extreme. i thought it would be all sexy since it's about a woman's journey through the darker forbidden side of sensuality. blah blah blah. even the sex scenes managed to be unsexy. a 1. last tango in paris--my wife and i have noticed a trend in french movies about sex: it's going to end terrible for somebody before they roll the credits. this one overall wasn't bad, but my question is, why does the girl keep coming back to marlon brando, who persistantly treats her like shit and wants nothing from her but dirty sex. my other question is, where is she, cause i'd like to have a go at her, and i'm better-looking than brando (which isn't saying much, i realize). a 4, maybe. if you asked my wife, she would rate all these movies very low. but she likes the uncut version of the lover, so i'm not really sure what her criteria for a sensual movie to be good really is. (don't get me wrong, i loved the lover also, but am much easier to please than my wife.)

we also recently watched crime spree, which had looked funny from the preview we saw, and it was, but was also cleverly plotted and excellently acted. it was nearly, i repeat, nearly as good as lock stock and two smoking barrels (there were a number of similarities), and i was pleasantly surprised.

but i will leave off, as i neither have a degree in film critiquing nor do i intend this blog to be a forum for discussing movies i like or don't like. but i was just feeling so violated by having watched fritz the cat that i felt the need to get it off my chest.

yes, again, dear nonexistant readers, the word you're looking for is "anywaaaaaaaaaayss!!"

darth sardonic


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