Thursday, January 20, 2005

look, listen, kneel, pray

feel like i should write something today, but, as it turns out, don't really have anything to say. not that that ever stopped me before!

so much for the predicted snow that is supposed to have been coming now for a month. yeah, instead we now have to be concerned with flooding due to the warm weather and overabundance of rain. being a weatherman for the news and radio has to be world's easiest job.

it reminds me of right after high school, when i was working before going to college (or maybe it was before going to argentina, who knows?). anyways, i used to ride with my dad to work, and he would listen to am news radio.

so the weatherman says, "today, rain (and it was). tomorrow, 30% snow"

next morning, rain. weatherman says, "weather update. today, 30% rain, tomorrow, 50% snow."

next morning, rain. weatherman says, "weather update. today, 50% rain, tomorrow, 70% snow."

next morning, rain. weatherman says, "weather update. today, 70% rain, tomorrow, rain as well."

next morning, snow. weatherman says, "weather update...." which prompts me to turn to my dad and say, "apparently, you could predict that it will rain trout and good-n-plenties, and then you just get up the next morning, stick your head out the window, and make a weather update to say it's going to do whatever it already is."


gotta change my kid's diaper, cause he's smelly.

darth sardonic


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