Monday, January 31, 2005

more crazy shit...

i've decided that when i introduce myself and my kids to people, it will be like this: "hi, i'm darth, and these are my kids, Piss and Moan." maybe i used that one in this blog before, so sue me.

recently, we got some mail for someone who lived at this address before we did. their FIRST name, yes, i said first name, is "pepsi".

who names their kid pepsi?!?

"hi, these are my kids, pepsi, coke. that's dr pepper over there, we have high hopes for him."

and what kind of vessel exactly was cap'n crunch the captain of?


darth sardonic


Blogger nicoshellee said...

pepsi? lmao! not to sound prejudice or anything but i can bet you the people living there before you were african american. i hate to say that i can say that but that's how life is i guess. and i think i lived in south carolina for way too long and am a bit jaded as to african americans. not prejudiced persay but jaded in a way. does that make sense? i guess they could be jaded in the same way cos how many a.american's do you see naming their kids jessica, jennifer, noah, etc...... so i guess i drifted sort of off topic but pepsi as a name for a kid? gimmme a fucking break? my kids have "normal" names, morgan,max and willow. willow not so normal. we have been plagued with the question since she was born "did you name her after the willow character on buffy?" no, never watched buffy. named her after a specific tree in greenville, south carolina which people think is ever weirder than naming after a lesbian witch character. people. just don't understand em. at all.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Mme. A. said...

I was watching TV one day in Brazil and saw this show about some names down there. And there were these three sisters, very poor. But their names were:

Notorized (not exactly this word, but that is the equivalent in English)

And the very famous names from long ago, for which they have proofs and everything:

Rolando Escada de Cima a Baixo da Silva
Rolling Down the Stairs from Top to Bottom da Silva (or something like that)

And many others that I just can't recall.

Did you read about that guy that instead of naming his son Jr, used 2.0???

That is the kind of shitty thing to do.


10:39 AM  

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