Friday, December 10, 2004

'tis the season...

i just woke up to george micheal's christmas tune, "last christmas, i gave you my heart, the very next day, you gave it away..." i'm not sure what this song is called, but i call it "crap".

and it is simply one of many crappy christmas songs. everything the beach boys ever did by way of christmas tunes suck. they have one where santa is protrayed as a street racer who's dragging in his sled. one of the back-up lines is "christmas comes this time each year." hey, brian, thanks for clearing that up, i was a little confused, but now i got it straitened out.

and the radio is chock full of these little nuggets of joy almost as soon as the thanksgiving gravy's got a skin on it.

then, of course, there are the crappy christmas specials that clog the tv. i mean, clay aiken has been on the scene for five minutes, but he's getting together with all his "buddies" (who i'm sure he never met till he was done with american idol (or as i like to call it, "crap"). i liked clay aiken better when he was rick astley. then there was jessica simpson's crappy christmas special, and a whole slew of others for which we couldn't give a fuck. where the hell is the peanuts christmas special?! now, there's some programming that i can get behind.

i don't get into the mood usually until the 15 (of december, not october). i like to keep my holidays seperated (my apologies to mother hoodlum, who is a big fan of the nightmare before christmas.) until then, i'm usually pretty scroogey, though i have noticed that having kids has improved my outlook on the holidays.

and in a stroke of luck, i have completed my christmas shopping already. actually, the hardest part was finding a place that carried lumps of coal, but once i found it, my christmas shopping was done.

i'm sure i'll have more to gripe about as the season progresses, so stay tuned.

darth sardonic


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