Thursday, December 09, 2004

a little note

okay, i was just reveiwing my old blogs(i'm figuring out which ones to include in my upcoming magnum opus, which will be titled(unless the powers that be at whatever publishing company is unlucky enough to decide my manuscript has potential decide that the title stinks) letters from the inner circle of hell), and came across the saga of nos.1 and 2 (sep 04), and realized that you, the regular reader, are a little familiar with my kids' stories, but i haven't been filling some of you in.

no. 1 is on the verge of speaking 3 and 4 word sentences, and will most likely begin developmental preschool in about a month. the tantrums have scaled down beautifully.

no. 2 took his first steps last week!!!! yay!!!! he also says a handful of words (or reasonable facsimiles thereof), and seems to be growing on the growth hormone shots(we find out for sure on monday when he has a follow-up).

so, if you were interested, there you go. if not, piss off ya nonce.

darth sardonic


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