Friday, February 11, 2005

a few words everyone should incorporate into their everyday vocabulary

(and yes, i will get to the thing about why the punks are cool later)

asco: castillian spanish word for something so nasty that you want to puke. like on fear factor.

baboso: literally, "slug" in spanish. not bullet, but small, slimey monopedal creature, and humans who resemble them.

battered: for almost anything that looks worn. battered jeans, battered car, battered pal. complimentary.

belly-up: when something dies or goes wrong.

cozzers: brit slang for policemen, but just a damn cool word.



dozy bastard: brit slang.

guanaco: spitting llama.

hinchar: spanish for "to swell", but in argentina, short for the phrase that is the equivalent of "busting my balls".


jodido: castillian spanish for a fucked-up situation.

macana: less offensive version of jodido.

me tenes podrido: argentine phrase that is similar to "you're driving me crazy!", but stronger. podrido means rotten.


pillock: brit slang for stupid.

prat: ditto.


rode hard and put away wet: best euphemism for exhaustion i've heard yet.



sod: absolute worst swear word in england.


three sheets to the wind

tits-up: same as belly-up, but stronger.

twat: not just for women either.

zealot: should not just be applied to jihad muslims.

please, feel free to leave me comments with other words that fit in a similar vein, especially if you have them in a foreign language.

darth sardonic


Blogger Mme. A. said...

fodido: almost the same as jodido, but in portuguese. As far as I could discover with the guys here, it's worse than in Spanish. Fodido means fucked up, when everything went wrong with something. But it can also mean "sexual act" but then you would say -- foder. Or Foda. Foda is the act itself. Or... "Something is foda" means something is very, very good in an awesome kind of way. (slang)

puta loki: when someone is totally crazy, completely out of reality. Also in Portuguese.(slang, regional)

saco cheio: busting my balls. Portuguese. (slang)

I'm tired of typing Portuguese all the time. If something comes up in another language, I'll say. So, it's all Portuguese. (damn! typed it again...)

noia: comes from paranoia (obviously) but you can use it to refer to either your existential problemas or bad mood or someone that is so into drugs that they look like a physical existential problem. (slang)

lesma: baboso, but used to refer to someone that is really, really slow in doing things. Or fat.

hugo: the act of puking (slang)

chico: when you get your period (slang) (I mean, I get mine, probably you don't, you're a guy, heh?)

os homi: policemen. Os homens would be "the men" but it's the way you say it that gives that other meaning. (slang)

And so forth.


10:33 AM  
Blogger Mme. A. said...

I'm always on the hunt for interesting words so that I can curse and people don't have any idea of what I'm talking about. I've discovered that this makes much more sense when you learn the gestures that people make in other countries to tell people : "why don't you go fuck yourself?!?" or something. In most countries these gestures change, so you can easily be sarcastic, while talking to someone and pretending you have some repetitive movements, when in the meantime, for their amazement, you're sending them to hell.

Ha! Such are the miracles of language.

Thank you for the compliments on my pictures. I just look for uncommon things.

And you can add my blog anywhere you want, unless it's in some extermination list or something. Otherwise, it's cool. I would add yours as well, but I have no idea how these things work. I was lucky enough to learn how to change the colors on my template. Ha! Now that's called broad knowledge of webpages and stuff. :-D

Yeah, I found your blog the same way. Looking for people who like Henry and June.

Now that's a good movie.

But... The book is always better.


(and you say you ramble on...)

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