Sunday, February 06, 2005

nerds, unite!!

hey, just got done watching napoleon dynamite, thank you netflix (i really should talk to them about paying me something for all the publicity that they get from me--you know, all three of you out there that are actually reading this!).

this movie was fucking brilliant! it is not a cinderella story. it is not about a geek who turns his life around and becomes somebody that everyone likes with a makeover and a change of clothes. napoleon dynamite is an ass. and as far as i can figure, at the end of the movie, he still is. but you like him, for some reason. you're rooting for him. my wife says, "he's a really good friend." and he is. he goes to crazy lengths to help out his pals.

literally everyone in this movie is a nerd loser with an aggrandized view of his or her own worth. napoleon, his family, the kids at school (in my opinion, even the popular kids at his school are complete losers). but, at the end of the movie, they find their own version of happiness.

and my own life (in high school, anyways) followed the plot of napoleon dynamite. when i was in high school, i was a nerd. a geek. a dweeb. a loser. whatever. i had big glasses, i dressed in the latest k-mart fashions (and at the time, k-mart was about as fashionable as leisure suits), hell, i played with star wars figures till i was like sixteen. (okay, okay, you got me there. i still do, sometimes.) i hated myself. i wanted so desperately to be someone else, with the feathered hair, and the levis 501s, and whatever else woulda made me popular. and no one liked me, except my little group of miscreant friends. till the day i said "fuck it. this is who i am. maybe when i leave high school, i will change my look (and i did, drastically.), but for now, this is it." after deciding to be happy with who i was, i started having alot more friends, i got picked on less, i even had a girlfriend senior year (for two months, but, hey!). the punks found me, and accepted me as one of them, despite (or maybe because) the fact that i was a complete nerd. (and in the not-too-distant future i plan to do a blog about why the punks are so fucking cool, which will include more on the whole "mode of dress not being important" thing.)

anyways, my point being, no matter who you are, learn to be happy with yourself, and things will start going right for you. so there, yet another little nugget of joy from your angry little pal, darth sardonic.


Blogger nicoshellee said...

i agree. napolean dynamite was great! is great! nothing more to say but that i agree!

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