Thursday, February 03, 2005

state of the union

i can sum up the state of the union in two words: "we're fucked!"

now the brilliant political mastermind that is dubya wants to cut back on the social security. he actually made the bold, albeit completely boneheaded, wrong, and misinformed statement that if things keep going the way they are, the social security will be bankrupt in the next few years.

i guess he was sitting around thinking, "okay, i've completely fucked the youth by getting them passed in school no matter how dumb or lazy they are, i've killed off a large portion of the young adults in a stupid and meaningless war that we're still fighting though i promised five days of shock and awe, and then declared a victory five different times, and the older working class is either jobless or destitute, how can i screw over the elderly. bingo! social security."

well, i keep daydreaming about the day when someone else will get voted in, cause it's hard to imagine anyone being worse than our current commander-in-chief.

hang tough, kids, it'll be over in four years.

darth sardonic


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