Wednesday, February 16, 2005

grumpy ass

shaun of the dead was fucking brilliant. well, i thought so, my wife thought it was okay. she said the people in it were stupid. this from the woman who owns both legally blonde I and II! i said that was kinda the point since it is both a): a comedic satire and b): a horror movie. and it does a pretty damn good job of combining both wit and horror. though there were a couple of scenes where i wasn't sure if they were poking so much fun that it came off serious, or if they wanted you to take that scene seriously. my favorite aspect of the movie was how it portrayed us humans in our everyday lives as zombies already. brilliant! so sardonic and wife gave it one thumb up. i give it two, wife says she thought scary movie was better.

so last night i actually got a nearly full night of sleep (about 7 hours, with only two relatively short wake-ups), but am still a grumpy ass today. recently, i asked my mom when i would get to catch up on my sleep, to which she replied, " you never do, son, never again."

thanks mom. due to lack of funds, the light at the end of the tunnel has been shut off.

no. 1 was supposed to start his preschool today, but because he's sick, that's been postponed.

sometimes i wonder if i'm the only one who sees the shit that's going down. i'm referring, of course, to our commander in chief, the illustriously dumb and shifty dubya. my mom says that until now, she had considered nixon an example of the absolutely worst president. they used to call him "king richard" because he thought he was supremely in charge. she says bush is worse, compounded by the fact that mostly he seems to be getting away with it. i said that if tricky dicky was "king richard", dubya's "der fuhrer" cause he don't give a fuck what you think, his way is the only right way. and unfortunately, so many misguided souls in this country agree with him. and they all seem to be empowered to cram their own beliefs down everyone else's throats.

now, i know that this is a running theme here in darthsardonicland, but come on already! i've half a mind to grab a few of my tattooed, pierced, punk friends, put on insulting t-shirts and ties and go door-to-door asking people if they've embraced the chaos, and accepted the idea that there are more than one right way to think into their hearts. the salvation of acceptance, the gospel of tolerance.

anyways, these things go in cycles it seems. the victorian era, where everyone was extremely repressed, followed by the roaring twenties (the first incarnation of the mini skirt), the fifties, where we refined repression and "normalcy", followed by the sixties (where we blew all that to hell). well, most definitely we are in a "fifties" mentality now, as a nation, and by god, i'm ready for a change. so bring on the sixties, ya motherfuckers. lets get wild again.

hey, i fuckin warned ya i'm a grumpy ass, right? so don't get pissed at me.

darth sardonic


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