Friday, June 30, 2006

oh fine

yeah, so, the cars are making the little clackity clackity noise as we travel back up on darth's little emotional theme park ride. not that yesterday's post (and feeling) was really down, just thoughtful, a bit worried, and unsure. so maybe a climb is the wrong analogy. you guys like turn better? yeah, me too.

so the cars do that jerky thing that tosses you to one side and makes you scream against your will as darth's emotional ride takes a turn. yeah, i really like that. why does it always have to be up-and-down?

it's not that i sit around completely passive waiting for life to happen to me and then make the best of what i'm given completely. i do want certain things, and i do seek after the things i want, i just am patient about getting them if it is going to take awhile. and i'm usually (eventually) accepting when things i want aren't going to happen.

but things are beginning to sort themselves out, and it looks like they are going to go the way i wanted in the first place.

we'll see. i'll keep ya posted. hahahahaha i crack myself up.

the word you're looking for is loser.

darth sardonic


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