Wednesday, July 05, 2006

too much good stuff

i am pretty sure that title is a tag line for some major company's add campaign, though i can't remember for the life of me which, so stay tuned next week when darth sardonic is locked in a legal battle over the use of their stuff.

but this weekend has been alot of good stuff.

sat and sun, my wife and the kids and i went down to the oregon coast and stayed in her godparents beach house. the cool sea air, walks on the beach with the kids running around laughing, scribbling stuff in the sand, some time away just the four of us; turned out to be the perfect recipe for unplugging and letting many of the cares and worries fall away, and rejuvenating ourselves.

on wed, before we toddled off to rockaway beach, an old friend of mine, h, (aka anne, from my pals list), called to say to she was going to be in the area for some time, and could she visit for a couple days.

so arrangements were made, and on the third, i picked her up from the airport. it's been 11 years since i have seen her. so the third and fourth were spent catching up, and checking seattle out, drinking vodka tonics, buying cherries at pikes, and watching p and q nearly blow their damn fingers off with fireworks that slightly resemble something being misused in the current war in the middle east. and it seemed so surreal how 11 years felt like 2 weeks instead. like no time had passed whatsoever.

later today, i will drive her to her brother's and life will return to normal, and i will putz about this little cornershop of cyberspace (hahaha, just had a vision of myself actually living in the confines of this blog, sweeping up, chasing the kids, coming up with stuff to write, all within some imaginary space that doesn't look anything like the big white-out thing in the matrix. and by the way, i need coffe, and lots of it. hey, presto, a million little steaming mugs of java come screaming in as far as the eye can see.), and go back to doing what i do.

and writing about it here.

darth sardonic


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