Wednesday, July 12, 2006

forget it, i take it back

now that my computer has kind of returned to being my fucking computer, i decided to go through my limewire and pitch all the shit that had been added by others to which i will never listen.

some of it was worth a listen though, and i actually held on to some stuff cause i decided i would listen to it again. but the point of this kind of stupid rambling is that i spent alot of time listening to all the songs i have by alkaline trio. i sure am diggin on them lately, o beloved nonexistant reader.

and nothing is better than looking over your shoulder from the computer, and seeing your two sweet, handsome boys pumping their arms and jumping around the living room. laughing their little asses off.

forget it, i take it back... there is one thing better, and that's laughin yourself and leaping around the living room floor with them. stupid kid blowing the computer speakers behind us as we leap around, fall down, toss elbows, skank.

i may or may not be a good dad. there are probably a million things i could show them, teach them, do for them. i will say this: when my kids grow up, they will be able to say, "yeah, dad showed us how to do some hardass battles with supersoakers, skip rocks, catch a ball, draw, but most of all, he taught us how to fucking mosh!!" (and they will get extra kudos in my book if they say it exactly like that) and that might be the coolest thing ever.

forget it, i take it back... the coolest thing would be if they would be able to honestly say that i taught them an appreciation and respect for their fellow man, a love for art in it's many forms, how to mosh, how to hold their own in a supersoaker battle, how to treat a woman, how to stand up for themselves, how to embrace life. that would be the coolest thing ever.

and you know what, i think i'm doing a pretty fucking good job at it.

and that is the better, coolest thing ever.

darth sardonic


Blogger Validate said...

its apparent that the kids are huge in your life and that will reflect well as they grow, kudos man....great post....they are lucky to have ya

7:37 PM  

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