Thursday, July 20, 2006

i see nozzink, i know nozzink

saturn ions are nice, but i don't think i would buy one. on the flip side, enterprise rent-a-car is completely badass, and i would recommend them again and again to friends.

can't wait to get my 5-speed prelude back, sans dent, though.

we own a black leather couch/loveseat living room set. is this significant? i don't know, you tell me when the post is done. damn, people wanting all the details up front, hell.

my kids love to go outside early in the morning and play. by "play", i mean tunnel out of the backyard. after a mere fifteen minutes they will come in looking like the pictures of kids working in coal mines in england in the early 1900's. just throw a slouch cap on em, and a ratty black suit coat and a collarless shirt.

this isn't really a problem. it actually amuses me. even when they get in the water first, then the dirt, and come in looking a bit like the swamp thing.

i distinctly remember going out after a good rain, and seeking out mud to play in. then coming home and saying as innocently as possible to my mom and dad on the front porch, "it looked solid when i stepped on it."

so i always swore that i would be cool with my kids getting dirty. and mostly i am.

but yesterday, looked over at them as they watched some tv (on a much-needed break from escaping from the confines of our yard), and i realize something is not right.

what is it? one of those things you can't quite put your finger on. damn.

then it hits me. my black couch is brown.

apparently, my kids came in from their reenactment of claude rains to roll all over my couch like dogs in some kind of "this is mine, this is mine" fucking frenzy.

so, i find myself in the odd duality of understanding why my parents got so pissed, and understanding why my kids love it so much.

so i had them try to help me clean the couch, while telling them in the stern voice that the couch is off limits after mining in the backyard. i don't think it did any good whatsoever, since they are currently jumping around on said couch as i write this.

i'm still daily amazed that as a race we survive past the age of 5.

darth sardonic


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