Friday, July 14, 2006

big helper

so i woke up this morning to no. 2 kicking me in the back, not such a nice prospect since yesterday i did something to it that made it feel like a board painted in acid.

get the boys settled in with cereal and such, they like to start the morning off right by playing with their thomas the evil tank engine with plans to take over the world toys. usually by running them right off of cliffs and such.

anyways, i take this moment to shower and shave and whatnot. yes, i said whatnot. not sure why, but hey!

this is always a potentially scary project, because my kids can get into alot of trouble in a very short period of time.

so i make periodic trips out to check on them (and yes, there have been occasions where i have run out naked and dripping wet. yes, go ahead and take a moment to hotpoker your eyes out, i'll wait.), and am always extremely nervous as to what i will find when i get out there.

today, i come out to find no. 1 changing no. 2's poopy diaper.

no. 1 does the "oh fuck, daddy caught me!" look, and instantly begins to try and talk his way out of the shit he is sure is about to fly.

"no. 2 poopy diaper, star wars spaceship, green grobrin, needa change pooooopy."

obviously, his mouth moves faster than his brain when it comes to trying to bail himself out of trouble.

all i could do, dear beloved nonexistant readers, was laugh. and laugh. and eventually change the diaper and clean up the mess. and laugh some more.

cause, honestly, it was the cutest thing i've seen in quite some time.

but i'm seriously thinking about showing him how to do it properly and leaving him to it. hahahaha. just kidding.

darth sardonic


Blogger SeaGypsy said...

Just one of your "dear beloved nonexistant readers" popping in to say...I LMAO @ this post and wanted to tell you I sure needed the laugh! Now when does my lawn get mowed?

7:48 PM  

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