Tuesday, July 11, 2006

as i burn another page...

thank god for string cheese.

not that that really has anything to do with anything. most of the stuff that finds its way in here doesn't really.

was sicker'n fuck yesterday, still feeling tired, drained, and vacant today. did, however, scrounge up enough energy to give the house a thorough cleaning, seeing as yesterday it was allowed to fall into a horrible state of disarray.

feel like i'm doing a bit of reassessing today. like i wonder what exactly i should be doing in each aspect of my life. not getting too many answers, though, as it turns out, so i am trying to postpone this heavy conversation with myself until i can ingest a gin n tonic and really tuck into it.

and while i keep dodging this big into-the-wee-hours conversation with myself, i keep making repeated forays into the kitchen for grapes. yes, grapes. because the kids want grapes. of course, now, they are all gone, so the forays have stopped, but not the requests. and while i am foraging in the fridge (let's see how many other words beginning with "f" i can toss in--just be thankful i haven't tossed in my favorite, heh heh) for things to feed the bairns, i see string cheese.

boy, string cheese sounded good. and it was.

so i guess it does have something to do with it after all, eh?

not much, but then, neither is this post.

darth sardonic


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