Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Ghost of Me

Once upon a time, there was a version of me.  There was a brash me.  A me that loved unconditionally.  A me that rushed headlong into things.  A me that smiled all the time, that laughed.

An unguarded me.  A me that shared without question, gave without thinking.  A me that wanted to savor Life like the first taste of some heavenly soft drink that could only be found by basking in the sun and loving without reserve.

A me that didn't question the loyalty of the people he called friends.  A me that took those friends at their word.

There was a me that opened himself up easily to those around him and shared what went on inside his head with those around him.  A me who wasn't afraid to cry.

There was a me that never second-guessed his actions.

There was a me that got hurt, taken advantage of, and got used.  A me that was an easy mark; naive.  There was a me that wore his heart on his sleeve and paid the price.

This version of me is dead, and gone.

Is this growing up?

Darth Sardonic