Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Swear Words Vs. Hate Words

The boys are getting to the age (13 n 14) where I am going to hear them swear, and as long as we're at home n no one who might be offended is around, I won't even bat an eye. C'mon, it's fucking me we're talking about: my ex and I agreed a long time ago that we needed to accept the fact that our kids would swear.

Occasionally, I overhear them watching YouTube videos or something similar, where words that get designated by their first letter are being used. In my house, "fuck" is fuck. Don't like it? Ask me nicely to refrain when you are around, n if I like ya, I'll do my damnedest. Shit, piss, fuck, twat. Hell, even the "c" word sometimes. But herein begins the distinction: if I use the "c" word to reference an odious woman, it becomes a hate word.

Swear words are simply that: inappropriate, juvenile, irreverent, sometimes downright stupid. They serve their purpose, and sometimes separate a classier individual from the baser members of society. Sure, I walk that razor's edge; and I will pepper my sentences with swear words when I could choose to use words gleaned from thesauruses (thesauri?) that would be more socially acceptable and meet the same needs. But you know what I say to socially acceptable? Fuck that bullshit!

But hate words, O my beloved droogs n only friends, if my kids ever wanted to get my dander up and find themselves at the receiving end of a full-volume tirade, they could use the "n" word, the "f" word, or something that bears thousands of years of hate and degradation in my presence; and at the end of it, they may even find themselves biting a bar of soap.

Because swear words have a place, but hate words never do.

Dearth Sardonic

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In the Dark

Will I ever not be the sad little kid who cries in the dark for his failings?