Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Post I Want to Write Vs. the Post I Will Write...

Yesterday and today, I missed my boys. Like an appendage. Like the ability to see aqua blue. Like the savor that makes life Life.

But, O thou long-suffering non-existent readers, the silver lining to this potentially sad story is I can stand here from 3,000 miles away, and see where everyone is right. And everyone is wrong.

And tell them.

I owe you posts. Not because I owe you shit, understand.

But because it is my fucking story. And I owe that to me.

And to those two boys I truly love more than myself.

And a big Thank You to those that still stop by.

You know who you are.

And you know I will come to the other side of this, replete with happy, smiling boys.

Ever yours,

Darth Sardonic

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sometimes Nothing...

The man who stood with his toes in the cold and indifferent Atlantic and idly wondered how many days it would take for his body to wash up and where, recently purchased a house. He now spends his days trying to decide what color the walls in the bathroom should be and what kind of lighting fixture will best accent the pass-through window from the kitchen to the living room, which he lovingly refers to as his "bar."

That man who wondered whether his arms would tire or he'd be eaten by sharks first spent a wonderful Christmas break with his two boys and his mother and his girl and his best friend and truly got into what the Holiday Season means more than he has in far too long. He makes regular plans with his best friend and his girl, and is already looking at plane tickets to see his sons for Spring Break.

That man who was drinking himself to sleep every night gets up early to tidy, do some dishes, pick up his dirty laundry, and go to work, where he loves his job.

O, thou non-existent readers, I am coming through this. Like the Little Engine That Could chuffing its way through a dark, and dangerous, and dank tunnel in the mountains to bathe my smiling face in the sun that greets me on the far side.

Clearly, there is much more to tell, but I must leave for work, and I need to grab another cup of coffee to go.

And, should I ever need Tender in India, I now have a few ideas where to go!

Darth Sardonic